Yonat Midbar

Natural traditional soap workshops and classes for soap making, cosmetics and medicinal plants.

The soaps and other products of Yonat Midbar were born from the love of nature and from an ideology of a healthy body and protecting the environment. Every soap that i prepare is personally made by hand with much love and attention to the small details by using traditional and modern knowledge which i have obtained over the years.  I would be happy to share this knowledge with you trough workshops that I teach and on this website as well. All in order to maintain the health of our skin, to nourish and beautify it through the delicate yet deep power of nature. As well to be faithful to the values in preserving nature and the ecological lives in which I believe in.

I hope that you find enjoyment from the products in my store and from the active classes in preparing natural soaps, cosmetics and healing products.


With love, Yonat

A glimpse into a work day

A film about the process of making soaps from collecting the desert herbs,

through the preparation of the oils to cutting the soap


 100% Cold Pressing

100% טבעונים

100% Vegan


Organic Materials


Local Ingredients


 Social Contribution


Consumable Paper Packaging


Free of Parabens and sls


Fair Trade

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