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Who am I?

Good to meet you.


I am Yonat, life partner to Gabi and mother to Nur and Sol, and we all live in a beautiful city called Arad, located in the heart of the Judean Desert in Israel. I am the owner of Yonat Midbar (meaning "Yonat of the Desert" or "Dove of the Desert" in Hebrew), which is a small one woman biz for 100% natural care products, and my true passion is solid soap making.

I was born in Tel-Aviv, and few years ago, after travelling in Israel and around the world, I moved to leave in Arad with my family, because I love nature and the wild powerful desert.

I have always loved nature… already as a child in the big city Tel-Aviv I looked for it everywhere, like playing with the ants and cats in the back yard or covering myself with mud in the public garden with my friends J

For many years I have learned and enquired nature in different ways.

Today I live in a healthy and vegan lifestyle, and as a natural accordance I make soaps, cosmetics and natural medical products in the workshop I have founded in my private kitchen.

How did I get to make natural care products?

It all began when I was a little girl, while visiting my aunt in the village with my family. I remember that I used to love the smell of fields along the way and the travel by open fields. But the most important thing perhaps was her garden of medicinal plants, which has always attracted me.

When I grew up it was clear to me that I would study biology, an indeed I finished with excellence the first and second degrees in the Hebrew university and I started my PhD research. But although I liked the studies and laboratory work, I felt that something was missing.

There were things in the studies that began bothering me – for example, experiments on animals that I had to do without any belief in its necessity and which aroused nightmares and remorse, the understanding that I was surrounded by dangerous materials, and more..

Then I understood that this is not the right thing for me.

So I became vegetarian again and then left studies and moved to live in the desert. There I felt I was rebirthing. After that I went for a long trip in India, Nepal and Tibet and then I went back to the desert, and I began to work as a research assistant in a plants-communication study. It was interesting and fun but still not 'that'. So I continued to search my way and went again to India.

On that travel I experienced Indian and Tibetan medicine, which was fantastic for me! I became attracted by the area and discovered a whole new way of understanding processes in the body – holistic approach that was missing for me in the scientific way that I knew till then. Suddenly I realized the harm happened to me by the chemical care substances I used till than on a daily basis (facial cream, industrial soap, etc.) and to what I am exposed while investing my best money thinking I foster myself.

In that period I started learning how to make my own health and cosmetics care products from nature materials.

I realized that this is what I actually wanted from the beginning, but somewhere along the way I became confused and studied biology instead of nature..  It was the term 'Ethno-Botany' that aroused me when I first heard it. It studies the manners in which different human cultures use plants, and I knew that that is the thing I was looking for all the time.

When I came back (to the desert of course) I studied another M.A. degree, this time in anthropology and environmental studies, and research thesis was about the Traditional Medicine of Bedouin in the Negev. I learned the content of my research from the Bedouin people, while sitting in their tents and joining them to herbs-collecting walks, I was also present in many different traditional treatments, and so I actualized my dream – I was in nature and learning about nature for real!!

During my studies I first learned how to make natural soap and since then I prepared natural soaps for myself, my friends and family. I have also taught others how to make natural care products such as natural soap making and natural cosmetics using medicinal plants, in many DIY workshops I often gave voluntarily. I fall in love with this area and one day I realized I was addicted to soap making :)

The house became full with huge amount of soaps but I could not and did not want to stop. The situation did not improve when I gave soaps to friend and family, and then I understood that I have to begin to sell soaps, to have an excuse to make more soaps. I also understood that workshops will be part of the issue, so today I enjoy making the soaps and other natural care products, passing on the varied knowledge I have gained through all those years.

'Yonat Midbar' enables me to connect between all the worlds that interest me, creating and teaching with enthusiasm, interest and lots of love. For me it is again kind of re-birthing, and although I don't know where exactly this way will lead me, I am open to be devoted to the experiences and possibilities on the way and so to grow with joy.   

Yours with Love,

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