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Zafroccan Green and Red Clay Soap

Zafroccan Green and Red Clay Soap


This soap connects continents and cultures - France and Morocco, and this cultural combination is reflected in the beautiful colors of the soap. The French green clay and the Moroccan red clay both have the properties of cleansing the skin and toxin absorption. On top of that, the mineral-rich red clay will nourish your skin and give it extra moisture and elasticity, and by combining the pure oils that make up the soap - olive oil and coconut oil (both cold-pressed), the soap is particularly nourishing for the skin and ideal for detoxification. The essential oils of lemongrass and patchouli give the soap a happy and refreshing aroma that will connects you to the earth and nature.

  • General Information

    All soaps are lovingly brewed one by one manually by the cold method for maximum preservation of the quality of the oils and other ingredients in the soap

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