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Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap


A gentle and pampering soap, with scented with natural lavender essential oil. Containing lavender flowers, the soap provides a relaxing gentle massage. It is composed of Israeli olive oil, organic coconut oil and cocoa butter of high-quality, which together provide to the soap a great cleansing and foaming effect without drying the skin. The oils in this soap are cold pressed in order to maintain the benefits of the anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins they obtain naturally. The scent of Bulgarian lavender flowers essential oil completes the soap's washing activity, turning it to an experience of relaxing and pampering cleansing connecting you to Nature's purity.

  • מידע כללי

    All soaps are lovingly brewed one by one manually by the cold method for maximum preservation of the quality of the oils and other ingredients in the soap

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