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Gentle Baby Soap

Gentle Baby Soap


A special gentle soap that protects, soothes and nurtures the soft baby's skin in the unique synergy of its composition. I use calendula oil I make myself with love in order to provide the baby's skin with it's healing power and protection from the environment that is new to the baby. The chamomile extract complements the action of the calendula in healing and soothing the skin from redness, cleanses it and gives it moisture. The composition of the pure oils in the soap – Israeli olive, organic coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea – provides the soap with a delicate and creamy texture, which will gently cleanse your baby's skin and leave the skin soft and protected. The scent of Bulgarian lavender flowers derived from the fine and delicate essential oil that I add to the soap will give you and your baby a feeling of peace, calm and a pleasant mutual connection.

The soap is also suitable for those with sensitive skin who are not babies :)

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