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Dead Sea Mud Soap

Dead Sea Mud Soap


Dead Sea mud is known for its nourishing and softening properties thanks to the rich mineral composition found in it. Dead Sea mud helps absorb toxins from the skin and cleanses the it thoroughly while maintaining the skin's moisture and softening. The unique texture of the mud gives the soap a gentle roughness that aids in the cleansing action, and its combination with the natural oils of Israeli olives and organic coconut (both cold pressed) creates a synergy of deep nourishment with minerals and moisture that detoxifies the skin in a way that leaves it soft and pleasant to the touch. The essential oil of the lemongrass leaves found in the soap will accompany your bathing experience with an uplifting scent that you will not want to stop!

  • General Information

    All soaps are lovingly brewed one by one manually by the cold method for maximum preservation of the quality of the oils and other ingredients in the soap

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