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Local Exfoliating Coffee Soap STCO

Local Exfoliating Coffee Soap STCO


Coffee is one of my loves! The sweet aroma, color and miraculous awakening effect make the coffee for me a fun and stimulating experience (yes, I am one of those who wake up from a cup of coffee!) And this experience I try to share with you through the coffee soap I brew.

The soap is based on espresso coffee and roasted and ground coffee from the local magical coffee shop - studio coffee (STCO) located next to my studio in the Artists Quarter, which give the soap the amazing aroma and color of a good espresso cup. The ground coffee will massage your skin for a stimulating exfoliation effect and the natural cocoa butter in the soap will enrich your skin with antioxidants and leave it soft and rich in natural moisture. To complete the stimulating effect, I chose to add a natural essential oil of mint leaves to the soap so that if you did not wake up through the skin, you will wake up through the sense of smell!

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