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Magical Fragrant soap mobile making kit

Magical Fragrant soap mobile making kit

₪50.00 Regular Price
₪40.00Sale Price

A charming art kit for making fragrant soap-mobile decoration that creates a pleasant and empowering atmosphere.

This is a perfect activity for kids at home as well as a gift for any age.

The scents of the soaps are based on essential oils, so they create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere during the preparation and of course when the mobile is ready.

The end product is a mobile that is both a charming decoration and a pleasant scent diffuser inducing peace and calmness that stays for a long time. It is highly suitable for children's rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, offices, restrooms and more.

The kit includes 10 soaps, special threads, a natural branch and a detailed instruction sheet and is divided into steps accompanied by words and pictures for the fun creation of the mobile

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