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Yonat Midbar

100% Natural and Traditional Care – a studio and workshops for natural soap making and natural care.


All the products I am making – the soaps, the natural care products and the healing materials, were all born out of my love to nature and the ideology of promoting health of the body and the environment.

Every single soap and natural care product I am making is hand made by me personally with love and attention to the little details, using traditional knowledge I have learnt for years, which I am happy to share with you both through the products I am making and the variety of workshops I give.


All my products contain solely pure natural ingredients of the highest quality:

  • All the ingredients I am using are 100% vegan and not tested on animals

  • I use pure cold pressed vegetable oils

  • The colors I am using are all natural – from herbs, spices, clays etc

  • The scents I am using are all natural – from pure aromatic oils

  • I do my best to use eco-friendly and fare-trade organic ingredients

  • Whenever I can, I use local ingredients such as desert medicinal plants or plants I grow in my own garden

  • I do not use:

    • Chemicals such as: sls, parabens, mineral oils, etc

    • Artificial colorants and pigments

    • Palm oil and other products that harm animals or the environment


I do all the above in order to both maintain and promote the health of our skin by nourishing it using the deep and gentle power of nature, as well as being loyal to the values of nature and environmental protection according to which I choose to live.


I hope you'd enjoy my website and products and hoping to see you in one of the workshops I give for natural soap making, natural care, desert medicinal plants, etc.


Yours with love,


הַשָּׁבוּעַ בַּמִּבְצָע

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